Kim Kyujong “SS501” mentioned “I want to do it without fail if there is opportunity” 2017.10.12

Kim Kyujong “SS501” mentioned “I want to do it without fail if there is opportunity”
۲۰۱۷/۱۰/۱۲ ۱۶: ۵۱
Kim · Kyu-jeong expressed his enthusiasm for reuniting “SS501”.

In the SBS Power FM “2 o’clock escape cult show” aired on the afternoon of 12th, “Kim Kyu-jung of” Double S 301 “and Girls group” DIA “appeared.
On this day, Kim · Kyu-jeong sang a new song “HUG ME”, “I just caught a cold in my head and I was nervous because of live,” I was shy.
He said “It rained since our debut, and it rained also at the time of the concert and it rained when we came here, so we talked about Pibor Dol (idle calling rain)” and released another name .
Kim · Kyu-jeong said, “All the single concerts ticket were sold out, thankfully, it was so,” and asked about the recent status of the members of “Double S 301” “Hyung Jun of Double S 301 is in the army, Young Saen is fine as well. “

“I think there is a chance for members to work together again”, “I talked with you if we all gathered about the 10th anniversary of Japan debut, if was the opportunity I want to do it with you [SS501 members]”.
‘SS 501’ advanced to Japan through 2007 ‘s Japan debut single.

 Kim · Kyu-jong (SS501) was $th top Trend on naver
Double S 301
SS501 mentioned
ترجمه از ترنسلیت ولی قابل اطمینان که صحبت های خود کیوجونگ? ??????
مقاله سایت درباره برنامه امروز کیوجونگ که در اون کیوجونگ درباره اشتیاق خود و اعضای دبل اس درباره جمع شدن دوباره گروه گفته و بیان کرده که توی دورهمیشون برای سالگرد ژاپن گفتن که: اگر شانسی برای اینکار وجود داشته باشه می خوایم که باهم انجامش بدیم.
? ما هم مشتاق هستیم???
بخاطر همین خبر، در حال حاضر دبل اس ۵۰۱ ، کیوجونگ جز ترند های اول ناور شده بود
Cr. + nikzlai( who mentioned Screencaps on the pic)
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