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دروووووووود خوشگلا
اطلاعات بلیط فن میتینگ تولد کیویی..

ببخشید چند روز نبودم بدجوری سرما خوردم و البته نرسیدم بیام
خب تنها نکته ای که به درد ما میخوره همون زمانشه 😐 بقیه ش درباره رزرو بلیط و .. گفته
ساعت 6 بعد از ظهر به وقت سئول یا 12 و نیم به وقت تهران 14 فوریه یا همون شنبه 25 بهمن ماه که ولنتاین هم باشه

پروژه تولدشو شرکت کنین آ


Show time
Sat, February 14th, 2015 18:00
※ This concert will be excluded from the discount coupons offered at the event target YES24 performances.
※ This performance is available reservation only PC.
※ limited number of copies: 1, 2 sheets
※ Bulk Shipping: Tues, January 27th
※ fan club crediting period: Mon, January 12th 2:00 pm –
※ ThanKYU (fan club) line reservation: Wed, January 14th 20:00
Good evening.
Kim Kyu-jong fan meeting “Romantic KYU Day” SHOWLAB to create a.
Sharing the love with sweet heart ‘Valentine’s Day’
Are you going with? Will send some day?
Kim Kyu-jong, he has prepared a special time with great appreciation for the fans.
February 14, sweet as chocolate and romantic day.
We invite you to Kim Kyu-jong and together the “Romantic KYU Day”.
Booking is ThanKYU (fan club) line booking – Wed, January 14th 20:00] and
General booking proceeds divided into [Fri, January 16th 20:00.
[ThanKYU (fan club) line booking Precautions]
1. ThanKYU (Fan Club) is an open line reservation
Wed, January 14th Booking available only through the YES24 performances ( at 8:00 PM.
2. Ticket is available every booking up to 2 to 1.
3. Early booking tickets minute but we show that day. So, in order to prevent congestion bulk shipping.
(Bulk delivery date: Tuesday, January 27)
4. Fan club authentication period is January 12, will be held Monday at 2 pm.
Booking is possible if it’s you quickly get certified in the fan club fan club members first crediting period
5. Fan club authentication method is as follows.
– YES24 after login to connect to the concert site
Enter the registered name of the fan club registration / id / phone numbers in the fanclub authentication window of the reservation page.
(EX: Name: Kim Kyu-jong / ID: thankyu / phone number: 010-0000-0224)
– Once certified ID, you do not need to re-authenticate upon re-login.
– If the authentication information to members inconsistency comes with a non-member
Please contact us with [email protected] until Tuesday January 13th.
6. Fan Club line booking is Wed, January 14th only booking possible and throughout the day,
Please use the General Ticket reservation If you wish to afterwards.
7. For the fan club line booking Wed January 14th after reservation,
Thurs., January 15th 23:59 pm reservation deposit will be required to complete up to 59 seconds,
If the payment is not in time. So, please note that booking is automatically canceled.
※ fanclub line reservation canceled if a table, upon conversion table fan club general reservation and booking line sold out
You can also general reservation is not progress.
General booking Precautions]
1. Open the General Ticket
Fri, January 16th Booking available through YES24 performances ( at 8:00 PM.
2. Ticket is limited to two sheets of 1.
3. Early booking tickets minute but we show that day. So, in order to prevent congestion bulk shipping.
(Bulk delivery date: Tuesday, January 27)
4. If you are booking a wire transfer,
Booking your next date will be 23:59:59 to be a booking deposit has been completed successfully.
If the payment is not in time. So, please note that booking is automatically canceled.
In addition, it must accurately deposit the total payment upon completion of payment, the amount will be automatically canceled if wrong.
※ This virtual account by bank transfer deadline Please check in advance that it will be different.
5. After the Ticket, Ticket transfer personal information in the course of providing or receiving a person at random
Please note that for damage caused as a result of Host and Organizer, Publisher is not responsible.
Please avoid getting this type of damage is given only to purchase tickets yemaecheo.
6. If you have lost your ticket receipt, ticket reissue the absolute haohni Please note that tickets can not be kept.
7. Ticket is related questions, please use the Contact Us 1544-6399 YES24 performances.
– Operating hours: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. / Sunday and holidays
[Admission and tour Caution]
1. The day before the concert will be held on-site collection is starting two hours.
(Day congestion. So, expect, please come and receive advance.)
2. The position is expected to be conducted prior to the start time show starts one hour,
We ask you for at least 10 minutes before the completion of the admission to the show start time
(Estimated time depending on the day of the event, so the situation may vary Please note that this point.)
3. When you come to the venue with the most deurimyeo please feel free to wear casual clothes, food or drinks are allowed.
4. camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 and shooting, prohibit the use of electronic recording and recording equipment.
5. LED decorations, plan card, cheer supplies, such as firecrackers are so may interfere with the performance of other spectators watching
Deurimyeo voluntarily refrain from asking the measures of support goods seized upon me, I will bring venues.
6. Thank you for your cooperation in personnel familiar with the instructions on the progress in the field of the precautions for the smooth progress of the event.
7. When natural disasters occur this event can be canceled.
8. We ask for your cooperation to a great performing arts. Thank you.
Traffic congestion is anticipated performances on the day. So, please use public transport



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